APARTMENT 41m2 / Warsaw

Design author: Marta Brzozowska

Photos: Marta Brzozowska

Date: 2022

Apartment design from the primary market, currently inhabited by investors, intended use – for rent. Strong accents in the form of white, navy blue and black, combined with shades of oak, pine and ash wood. When entering the apartment, you can see the kitchenette, which is an important part of the apartment. The kitchen is decorated in a minimalist style, with light, simple furniture and accents of steel and fluted glass. Large windows in the living room illuminate the space and vegetation. The bedroom was kept in a calm, subdued style, with one darker gray wall and dark curtains. The whole thing helps you calm down and makes it easier to fall asleep. A bright bathroom with navy blue accents, despite its small size, there is room for a bathtub there. It was decided to install a raised washbasin on the countertop for the comfort of users. A navy blue hall with a small wardrobe creates an open space from the entrance, flowing smoothly into the kitchenette. The rectangular apartment was optically enlarged, the navy blue color separated the zones between the rooms.